Killer Thrillers – Autographed Copy


He can’t remember a thing from the past 15 years… But someone is trying to kill him.

Myers is a Relic. Cast out of society by a computer program that now runs the world.

The System controls everything. It’s quickly becoming smarter than humans, so it no longer has any need for human leaders like Myers. There’s a technological singularity coming, and only Myers knows how to stop it.

The problem? He doesn’t remember anything from the past fifteen years.

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Indiana Jones meets Robert Langdon…

An ancient conspiracy and a deadly power source.
An underwater research station and a woman looking for her kidnapped son.
The world’s largest active volcano and a deadly virus.

These books are action. These books are adventure.

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### The Atlantis Stone:

An ancient mystery, a modern technology

A mysterious artifact is uncovered by a secretive organization.

Two men will do whatever it takes to gain possession of it.

Including kill.

From the Pyramids of Giza to the mysterious idols at Easter Island, take a journey around the world with this nonstop, fast-paced action-adventure travel thriller.

### The Depths:

Will she save her son, or will she save the world?

Jen’s son is kidnapped and her boss brutally murdered.

Why? The answer lies deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

The station has been trying to hide something that could prove devastating to the rest of the world…

The Depths is an exciting, fast-paced sea adventure that blends together aspects of genetic engineering, deep sea adventure and exploration, and military thrillers.

### The Enigma Strain:
The world’s largest active volcano is about to erupt…

A bomb goes off at Yellowstone and releases a deadly virus.

And that wasn’t the only bomb…

Reluctant park ranger Harvey Bennett must discover who’s behind it all.


If you’re a fan of James Rollins, Andy McDermott, David Wood, Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, or Ernest Dempsey, this is the box set for you!

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