By Nick Thacker

Published on June 8, 2015
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About Relics:

A computer program runs the world... and it wants to kill him.

Myers was President.

Now he's just a Relic.

In this world, he must fight for his life. Literally.

And now he's being hunted... by a sentient machine.

This is Relics.

Myers is a Relic. Cast out of society by a computer program that's far more efficient at managing and regulating human life than any human ever could be.

The System is running everyone's life. It's quickly becoming smarter than humans, and it no longer has any need for leaders like Myers. There's a technological singularity coming, and only Myers knows how to stop it.

The problem? He doesn't remember anything from the past fifteen years.

And now he's being hunted...

"Relics is another gripping technothriller full of suspense and action from Nick Thacker, the USA Today Bestselling Author that brought you The Enigma Strain, the best-selling action/adventure and conspiracy thriller!"

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